About PeerStorage

Our mission is to maximize underutilized resources, minimize waste, and strengthen communities through the transformative power of sharing.

Our secure and cost-effective storage solutions connect individuals and businesses with local families who have unused space, promoting a culture of sharing, reducing our carbon footprint, and encouraging greater community engagement.

Our sustainable and inclusive platform connects people to earn passive income or save costs while providing valuable storage services to both local businesses and those in need.

We prioritize security, reliability, transparency, and accessibility for all, empowering users to control their storage needs and contribute to a sustainable future.

What problems does PeerStorage solve?

As a two-sided marketplace, we solve multiple problems for different users. Homeowners and local businesses often need storage or parking in convenient locations without having to drive 30-40 minutes to a self-storage facility. We also make it easier to rent storage spaces online as opposed to self-storage facilities, often requiring users to go to the facility during certain hours and sign the rental agreement, making it very time-consuming.

We also solve the problem of space going unused. There are 127 million homes in the U.S., and 9 out of 10 households are not self-storage renters, meaning there’s potentially a lot of wasted space. For commercial real estate, with the push to work from home and commercial real estate occupancy rating decreasing, there is more unused commercial real estate than ever before. Space usage is getting redefined, and there is an increasing need for self-storage.

For whom your Product/ Service is for?

Our service is for people who need low cost self-storage or parking space in a location near them. This could be people who are moving, downsizing, have additional lot size, or just purchased an RV, boat, or trailer. Additonally, our service is also used by local and online businesses as they are looking to store their fleets of vehicles, e-commerce products, and extra equipment.

Since our service is a two-sided marketplace, it is for private property owners and local businesses looking to increase their monthly income and revenue. These are typically entrepreneurial-type individuals.

What makes you stand out from the crowd?

We make it easier for people to find and rent self-storage space online by providing one of the most efficient online rental processes in the self-storage industry. We also provide unique and conveniently located storage spaces for every need. With our online platform, we are able to increase self-storage space without spending the money and materials to develop large facilities.

Any Achievements or Milestones accomplished?

We currently have 140 self-storage listings on our platform, and we have over 40 total renters who have rented space on our platform so far. We are in 14 states and have two self-storage facilities using our services to market their open units. We also just completed the WTIA Cohort 9 startup program in 2023.

What are your future plans?

We plan to scale our platform geographically to the city areas that are undersupply self-storage spaces. We will not only target different geographical areas, but we will also scale our platform a product to support more services within the self-storage industry.

About The Founders

Casey Krueger graduated as an electrical engineer from Washington State University, and has been an aspiring entrepreneur as a young child. He started renting out his extra bedroom in 2020 and developed PeerStorage shortly after. He has a passion for helping his community and providing environmentally friendly solutions to carbon intensive industries. 

Bisrat Arega and Tyler Swayne started Cash4Space in 2014 which was an online parking marketplace. They closed the company in 2020 and eventually joined PeerStorage with Casey. Bisrat has experience in software sales and worked to find parking spaces for GetAround customers who rent out their vehicles. He has exceptional experience in parking and sales and has always had an entrepreneurial spirit.

Tyler Swayne is a backend developer with experience at Uber AGT, building the Cash4Space and PeerStorage platform, and working for a various amount of Seattle startups. He loves building customer-centric software solutions.

Founding Date: 2020-10-15

Industry: Self-storage, parking

Number Of Employees: 1-10

Headquarters: Issaquah, WA





Contact Number: 6073973787

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