Should Brands choose pens for Custom Printed Promotions?

pens for brand promotions

Promotions are essential for any business. Different channels of promotions need different budgets. Marketing through custom-printed pens is counted among the most effective and cheapest promotions. Pens are used often and cost-effective to boost brand awareness, build customer recognition, create loyalty, and increase sales. Large companies have numerous options for their promotions, but pen advertisements are one of some options for promoting small businesses. Classic pens are still a preferred writing tool, and the cost of branded & customised pens for promotions is lower than any digital promotions.

It is a tried and tested formula for the promotional campaign as it exposes the target audience to a publicity message. 

Benefits of gettings pens customised for promotion strategies

  1. Match Customer Demand

The increasing popularity of branded and customised pens shows how customers like them. This helps potential and target customers to find the added value in choosing a company or business.

  1. Increase sales and competitive edge

Customers always compare the same product offered by various companies based on the features it has. Customers can be easily convinced through the customizations, and nothing can beat logo-printed pens in terms of price as it offers cheap branding and publicity with the help of a beautifully durable pen model. 

  1. Engage customers

Pens have a lot of variety in terms of colour and style, and it is the best fit for the golden rule of marketing which is to give them something they need and can frequently use. Offering a promotional pen out of a list can give a customer a more profound feeling of ownership and improves engagement among them.  

  1. Build brand loyalty

Businesses can build a basis for loyal customers with printed styles. Customers will remember the brand and access the niche of the company’s needs. They start word-of-mouth marketing to friends and family about the highest quality and will focus on details.

  1. Daily Exhibition

The right model pen and printed styles are in the eyes of people. Branded and customised pens can last very long and can also be used for gifting to peers and colleagues, friends, etc., where others can see that and get aware of the brand.

Other products that can be used for customization

Products that can be used for customisation apart from pens for promotional activities are:

  • Packaging items

Packaging items like carry bags and gift papers can be customised for promotional activities. These are commonly used items for marketing a brand.

  • Calendars and diaries

Along with calendars, diaries and other stationery items are customised and are very popular among young children and students as they find it engaging and do organic marketing.

  • T-shirt and other wearables

T-shirts and other wearables like flip flops and watches are widely used in promotion with designs and logos related to the brand and company.

  • Coffee mugs

Mugs and bottles are the most common and easily traceable brand promotion modes.

  • Umbrellas and key chains

Umbrellas and keychains are offered primarily on a brand campaign. These items are used for daily purposes and also get exhibited to crowds daily.


Companies are getting innovative daily in finding new and unique modes of promotion for their brands. They come with different strategies and plans to disrupt the market competition by making a place in customers’ minds. These modes include print media, social media promotion, product giveaway promotion, video advertisements, etc. Some of the most tested and effective promotional ways include branded & customised pens to promote brands. It fits all age groups, has been proven the most effective and cheapest promotion possible and is admired by most customers.

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