Top 5 Trends to Increase Workplace Wellbeing and Happiness

The workplace has come a long way since the days of dreary cubicles and demotivating environment. Nowadays, the modern office is designed around employees’ needs. It aims at promoting their mental wellbeing, enhancing their happiness and ensuring their general job satisfaction.

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Two main factors affect employees’ happiness in the office: the feeling that they are valued and an environment that promotes their work efficiency. Thus, it’s no wonder that the modern labour market always brings some new trends that can further improve the office work environment and ensure that employees feel happy, healthy and valued.

Here are the top five trends that you can implement in your office to make it a more employee-friendly space.

1. Tech-enabled workplace

The technological revolution has transformed the modern work environment, bringing functionality and employee satisfaction to a higher level.

Designing a tech-enabled office will promote your employees’ productivity, make them more efficient and provide them with numerous benefits. Smart connectivity, remote access, and app-controlled facilities are all possible tech improvements that will enhance your employees’ experience at work.

The key is in implementing innovative technology as an integrated aspect of your office, with the aim of facilitating the distribution of information and enhancing creative and collaborative processes.

tech enabled workplace

2. Versatility as a key factor

The versatility and functionality of the office design is another essential characteristic that can boost your employees’ well-being and satisfaction.

Versatile, easily adjustable designs consist of modular office furniture with plug-in features that can be moved around the office. Such a design enables employees to focus on the task at hand, in an easy-to-use environment.

When designing your office, think in terms of adjustable workstations that can be easily expanded or contracted when needed, accessible power and cord management and a clear and understandable office space, with each office area having a clear purpose.

3. Nature indoors

The trend of bringing nature indoors has proven to be quite effective in promoting employees’ productivity, satisfaction, and general wellbeing.

According to research, this nature-inspired, biophilic design is positively linked to productivity. What’s more, wellbeing and creativity increase by 6 and15 percent, respectively? Incorporating nature into your office will help your employees relieve stress and focus on work.

Not only can this trend make your office more stylish and pleasant, but it can also create a healthy work environment. Namely, greenery is a great way to increase the indoor air quality in your office, filling it with fresh, toxin-free air. Consequently, this may have a positive impact on your employees’ health, concentration and general comfort.

nature indoors

The green office trend has brought numerous design ideas that you can implement in your workplace. Adding a stunning green wall is one of the most popular and chic options in the modern office. This lush accessory can work as a mesmerizing focal point in your office while providing your employees with an inspiring natural view.

The splash of green is energizing and soothing and it’s bound to create a positive atmosphere. Hanging and potted plants and tiny succulents can also embellish your office and your employees’ desks.

In combination with natural lighting, comfortable furniture, and inspiring aesthetic design, the green office trend will enhance your employees’ happiness and well-being significantly.

4. Private, but collaborative activity-based spaces

The modern office should promote collaboration and communication among employees and different teams. The open floor plan with a great flow is a great way to enhance cooperation and teamwork in the workplace. However, your employees should still have private areas where they can focus on their work.

Although a great number of employees believe that working with others enhances their efficiency, completely open spaces bring a lot of distractions. Thus, you should design an office with activity-based areas that provide your employees with both privacy and collaboration opportunities.

You can design enclosed areas using whiteboards and moveable dividers to block off distractions and background noise. On the other hand, large, centrally located communal tables are a great addition to impromptu meetings and teamwork.

productive workplace

5. In-house workout

Physical activity has become quite important in the modern office, which is why a great number of employers offer gym discounts and memberships to their employees. However, a new trend that will improve your teams’ health and fitness significantly is bringing the gym to your office.

Offering in-house workout opportunities can help your employees relieve stress and get their bodies moving after several hours of sitting in their chairs. On-site yoga classes are increasingly popular, with business owners bringing yoga experts with the aim of creating a meditative, mindful environment.

Occasional massage sessions can also be implemented to help your employees relax. You can also design a special area for physical activity where your employees can stretch and work out on their own.

Such simple yet helpful perks will show your employees that you care about their health and wellbeing, which will consequently enhance their job satisfaction as well.

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By providing your employees with different perks and designing an inspiring office that will promote their products, you’ll make sure that your team is happy, healthy and satisfied.

Author bio: Derek Lotts is a Sydney based writer and researcher, a regular contributor to Smooth Decorator blog. He writes about décor, gardening, recycling, ecology, and business. He thinks all of these topics fall under the self-improvement category. He believes in the power of sharing ideas and communicating via the internet to achieve betterment.

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